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It works by forcing blood into your penis and keeping it there.

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It involves using a hand-over-hand rolling motion to move blood to the head of your penis and stretch it.It is also called as milking since the technique works like milking a cow.

Day after day, the questions about what is jelqing are really interesting to talk about.Allegedly, jelqing is a technique for penis enlargement that has recently become more popular with the rise of online blogs and how-to videos.

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We already know penis enlargement exercises can be effective for length and girth gains.There are currently two dominating effective and non evasive approaches to penis enlargement.

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The jelquing technique is a method that has been around for several years.Jelqing is just a exercise that is basic which uses a firm, stroking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while also stretching it, to improve size.

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However, if you are considering using this exercise to address erectile dysfunction, this technique will not work for you.Side Note: There are not many academic research or medical studies behind the effectiveness of jelqing.

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The Best Approach To Jelqing Exercises November 22, 2012 By Andy Ramirez Leave a Comment Men that have heard of jelqing exercises might not be aware of the fact there are quite a number of different techniques can be employed.This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject.Research shows that male enhancement exercises can be effective in enhancing penis size, increasing sexual performance and even aids in increasing semen production.It is popular among beginners as well as advanced men in the PE community.

How the Jelqing Serum Works What you need to know During sexual stimulation, the body produces a chemical called cGMP (Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate). cGMP causes the blood vessels in the penis to dilate thereby increasing blood flow to the penis and causing an erection.Search tool optimization or SEO is the hottest routine to span targeted prospects to your website.It is basically the act of manipulating your penis size through the use of specific manual hand massages over the penis.

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Jelqing is an exercise that some people use to try to naturally increase the size of their penis.It involves squeezing the penis with 2 fingers and stroking it from the base, away from the body.Jelqing is considered the most traditional and basic penile enlargement exercise.

Dry Jelqing Tips Dry Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique similar to edging or using a vacuum pump.

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Jelqing is an ancient exercise performed by many tribes for thousands of years.However, due to the lack of reputable scientific research on the technique, we cannot recommend the technique or condone the effectiveness of jelqing.