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Bring in ten thousand bucks worth of unrolled pennies, and they grab them.The value of a collectible coin is based on a number of major factors.The coins are sorted, counted, and rolled by machine, and the bank charges a hefty percentage for the process.Top 10 Explosive Penny Stocks to Invest In 2018 (Hot Picks) Penny trade investing has been a risk to be undertaking when market volatility is high.

LA JOLLA, Calif. - To most people, a 1974 penny is worth one cent.

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Even if your 1943 penny is made of steel, it could be worth more than its face value.

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The most important of these are rarity and condition, but demand also plays a major factor.

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Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.Many collectors agree to shell out serious bucks of money to add them to their collection.

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Congress rejected that idea, and the Mint destroyed all the aluminum coins, except for a dozen samples that were kept by congressmen and others.One of the most famous rare coins is the Australian Proof 1930 Penny with only six pieces minted.

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Coin collecting is a fun hobby, but collectors naturally want to know the value of their coins.We thought it might be fun to think about the top 10 affordable coins that every decimal collector should have in their collections.Numismatists realizing that this was a rarity in the making took every opportunity to buy bags and rolls of the 1931-S Lincoln cent and save them.While collectors are unlikely to find a 1792 Birch Cent, worth 2.5 million dollars, in their pocket change, some pennies are worth serious bucks.A: The most accurate way of determining the value of a 1943 copper wheat penny is to have it appraised by a coin expert.

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Pennies made in 1943 were supposed to be minted as steel pennies or.For those serious hardcore lovers, here is the list of top 10 most expensive pennies in the world.

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The easiest way to determine if a 1943 cent is made of steel, and not copper, is to use a magnet.

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Coin Price Guide for Beginners (View the U.S. Currency Pricing Guide) How much is my coin worth.

A: The 1943 copper-alloy cent is rare because, due to rationing for World War II, the vast majority of pennies struck that year were made of zinc-coated steel.

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Canadian coins changed from as high as 98% copper to mostly zinc, and even steel coins.Now that wheat pennies have not been minted for over fifty years, they are worth more than their face value.Thank you, Sara Get the answer below Sponsored Links Urgent Penny Stock Alert.

Before you cash in the change in your piggy bank, it may be worth your while to take a closer look at those pennies.

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Keep a special eye out for most coins minted in that year irrespective of mint mark. 1945 is another year The Third.The modern commemorative coins, bullion coins, and proof coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, to this day, are famous for their innovative designs and overall eye appeal.

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We asked the experts what collectors will really pay for the most valuable 50p coins still in circulation.